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Tibb (unani) Medicine - Natural Healing

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Tibb (Unani) Medicine

What is Tibb (Unani) Medicine?

Tibb (Unani) Medicine is a holistic (whole person) therapy.

Tibb (Unani) Medicine developed in the Middle East at the point where the Greek and Egyptian civilisations meet the Chinese and Indian cultures. The resultant therapy has evolved from these great, traditional civilisations expertise.

How does Tibb (Unani) Medicine work?

Tibb (Unani) Medicine uses the body's energy field, called Qawa (the Arabic equivalent of Prana in India and Qi in China). If there are any blockages in this energy field, the Qawa is unable to flow smoothly, resulting in imbalances and potentially disease. The therapy believes that it is vital to heal holistically (the whole person) to ensure that the balance of mind, body and spirit is maintained. If one of the elements is out of balance there will be an impact on the other which will lead to disease.

Tibb (Unani) Medicine believes that there are four temperaments, each with their own specific combination of qualities:

Sanguinous - hot and moist
Bilious - hot and dry
Melancholic - cold and dry
Phlegmatic - cold and moist

There are also six lifestyle factors which determine health and well-being:

The environment, air and breathing
Food and drink
Movement and rest
Sleep and wakefulness
Elimination and retention

There are also six emotion categories with their representative qualities:

Anger - hot and dry
Worry - hot and moist
Depression - moist and hot
Fear - cold and moist
Grief - cold and dry
Excitement - dry and hot

What does Tibb (Unani) Medicine treatment involve?

A Tibb (Unani) Medicine session normally lasts about an hour. The number of sessions required will depend on the invidivual.

After taking medical details, the therapist will ask various questions and use a specially constructed questionnaire to find out the client's specific temperament.

A physical examination is then carried out, followed by other specific tests if needed, such as blood pressure, glucose test, blood test, urine test and sometimes x-rays or sonar, if needed.

Following the results, the therapist will suggest various diet changes in order to cater for the client's particular temperament, carry out a special manipulation technique (called Dorn-Breuss therapy), cupping to release pressure, herbal medication and informationon the six governing lifestyle factors.

What can Tibb (Unani) Medicine help?

A wide range of illness plus preventative health care.


"You really should treat yourself to one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and fragrant therapies that will automatically re-balance your inner energies."

It's worth it
and so are you.


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