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Oxygen Therapy

What is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen therapy is a method to increase the amount of oxygen in a client's body.

Developed by Dr Otto Warburg (1883-1970), who was a twice Nobel laureate, honoured for his links with low oxygen levels and cancer treatment.

How does Oxygen Therapy work?

Oxygen therapy works on the discovery that all harmful bacteria, fungi and virus (the main causes of infections) are anaerobic, which mean that they are only able to survive in environments with a low level of oxygen.

Consequently, to be in optimum health the body needs a rich supply of oxygen.

Dr Otto Warburg also proved that cancer cannot grow in an environment with a high level of oxygen. He discovered that when a cell in the body is denied 60% of its optimum oxygen level, its ability to respire changes to a fermentation process and the cell grows out of control. Further research, carried out by other scientists, discovered that cancerous growths can contract or even disappear completely when the level of oxygen is raised in the fluids surrounding them.

Dr Warburg stated that both normal and cancerous cells derive their energy from glucose. However, normal cells also require oxygen in order to combine with the glucose. Cancer cells are able to breakdown the glucose without the need for oxygen but only give out a fifteenth of the energy per molecule of glucose compared with what a normal cell produces.

The low oxygen environment of the breakdown of the glucose by the cancer cells, generates a large amount of lactic acid. Some of this lactic acid is converted back by the liver into glucose, which uses a fifth of the energy per glucose molecule compared with a normal cell. This therefore leaves three times more energy available for the cancerous cells. This process is self-sustaining, allowing the growth of the cancer cells, unless the cancer cell energy supply is stopped or the amount of oxygen to the normal cells surrounding the cancer cells is increased.

There are a variety of reasons why oxygen levels in the human body decrease:

Carbon Monoxide
The carbon monoxide cars from car exhaust fumes can reduce oxygen levels in the blood.

At sea level, the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is 20%. The low number of trees in towns plus the high levels of smog, reduces the amount of available oxygen to about 10%.

Heating or cooking food reduces the oxygen content and processed foods (due to there manufacturing and preservation techniques) have little or neglible amounts of oxygen in them.

Tap water
Tap water is low in oxygen due to its progress through pipes from the source, plus the addition of chlorine and other chemicals.

What does Oxygen Therapy treatment involve?

There are two main methods of Oxygen therapy:

Ozone treatment

The treatment involves removing a pint of blood from the client which is then placed in an infusion bottle. Oxygen is then introduced into the pint of blood by means of a metal tube which carries a 300 volt charge. The blood is then thoroughly mixed, which destroys many of the low oxygen loving viruses. The blood is then reintroduced, intravenously, to the client. The belief is that the treated blood takes with it the virucidal (anti-virus) properties, which carry on destroying viruses in the rest of the blood.

Hydrogen peroxide

When hydrogen peroxide is exposed to blood, the enzyme "catalase" is broken down into oxygen and water, thus increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood. The hydrogen peroxid may be taken orally or administered by injections.

What can Oxygen Therapy help?

Cancers, immune system and general health.


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