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Naturopathy - Natural Healing

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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy or Naturopathic Nutrition uses whole and organic foods, plus lifestyle choices as a way of achieving optimum health.

In ancient China, thousand of years ago, master healers discovered a way of classifying food and disease.

Hippocrates, the Greek physician, also documented the use of Naturopathy.

How does Naturopathy work?

The philosophy of naturopathy is that, given the optimum conditions, nature can assist the body to avoid disease. Each person's healing force can be enhanced by giving the body the right lifestyle conditions: fresh air, wholesome diet (including organic food), sunshine, pure water, rest, healthy environments plus emotional balance.

Naturopathic therapy has four basic priciples:

Every body is unique
Every body has their own healing system
Cause of disease, not just the symptoms, need to be treated to overcome diseases
The client needs to be treated as a whole, not just the part of the client displaying disease

Thousands of years ago, master healers in China perceived a way to classify food and disease according to simple, easily observed patterns:

For people with overheated conditions, eat cooling food.
For people who are feeling cold, eat warming foods.
For people who are carrying an excess of toxins, eat detoxifying foods.
For people who have deficiencies, eat building foods.

These classifications form the basis for use of food to heal the body used in naturopathy.

What does Naturopathy treatment involve?

A Naturopathic session normally lasts about an hour. The number of sessions will depend on the individual.

After taking medical details, the naturopathic therapist will focus on the client's lifestyle, including dietary suggestions and other forms of therapy.

What can Naturopathy help?

Detoxification, women's health issues, stress, IBS, constipation, natural weight loss, inefficient digestion, hormone imbalances, fatigue, increase energy levels, diabetes and hormone imbalances.


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