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Hydrotherapy - Natural Healing

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What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is water therapy used to treat various conditions. Hydrotherapy is derived from the "hydro", meaning water in Greek.

The ancient Roman civilizations used communal public baths to assist health and wellbeing. The ancient Egyptians used aromatic oils and flower essences in bath water for healing. In Greece, Hippocrates, considered to be the father of modern medicine, in the 5th century first documented the use of hydrotherapy, decribing the accounts of cures attributed to natural springs.

How does Hydrotherapy work?

Hydrotherapy uses water in a variety of ways to relax the body and alleviate aches and pains: underwater massage, mineral baths, bubbles, floatation and water jets.

Hydrotherapy pools are specifically designed so that the temperature, pressure and movement of the water may be controlled and adjusted according to the treatment needed.

A hydro-massage uses jets of water in varying degrees of pressure, from gentle to powerful, to massage the client whilst they are in the pool. The jets are placed in different areas and heights in the pool, so they can be used on specific parts of the body.

The Kneipp system, named after Father Sebastian Kneipp, uses herbal and mineral baths of varying temperatures, exercises, a purifying diet and spiritual practices.

What does Hydrotherapy treatment involve?

The session lengths vary depending on the specific treatment used, equally the number of treatments needed will vary too, depending on the individual.

After taking medical details, the therapist will advise the most appropriate for of hydrotherapy, including the areas to be worked on plus the number of sessions, the length of sessions and the frequency.

What can Hydrotherapy help?

Circulation problems, muscle pain and inflammation, headaches, rheumatic pain, arthritis, anxiety, stress, poor muscle tone, hip and other joint replacements (pre and post operative), back pain, muscle and ligament injuries, brain injuiries and neurological conditions including strokes.


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