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Herbal Medicine - Natural Healing

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Herbal Medicine

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is using natural plant extracts and herbs to treat physical and emotional disorders.

Herbal medicine has been used for many centuries and most of our common modern drugs are a synthetic form of herbal medicine.

How does Herbal Medicine work?

In convential medicine, only part of the plant is used and the compound made synthetically.

In herbal medicine, the whole of the herb of plant is used because the belief is that for the healing to be effective, the complete combination and balance of the compounds in the herb or plant must be used. Using only one compound would be ineffective without the support of the whole.

The remedies can be taken internally as:

infusions - produced by pouring boiling water over leaves or flowers
decoctions - produced by boiling barks or roots in water for a period of time
tinctures - made by steeping plant parts in a mixture of water and alcohol

The remedies may also be administered externally as poultices or ointments.

What does Herbal Medicine treatment involve?

A session normally lasts about an hour. Follow up sessions usually last about an hour. The second appointment is normally about 2 weeks after the first appointment. The number of sessions depends on the individual.

After taking medical notes, the herbal therapist will ask questions about diet, lifestyle and the problem that the client is wanting help with. A full physical examination will also be carried out, including checking blood pressure and taking the client's pulse and sometimes blood and urine samples are collected too.

From this information the therapist will then prescribe specific herbs or plant extracts to be taken plus any other lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercises, and any other therapies that will assist the healing process.

What can Herbal Medicine help?

Urinary problems, reproductive issues, blood pressure, headaches, migraines, joint pain, respiratory conditions, stress, digestive problems, anxiety and skin problems.


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