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What is Chiropody?

Chiropody is the study and treatment of minor foot disorders.

The history of chiropody was in existence in ancient Egypt; carvings of hands and feet have been found in the tomb of Ankmahor dating from 2,400 BC. Hippocrates, the Greek doctor, recognised the importance of reducing hard skin in order to irradicate corns and calluses, he invented the original skin scrapers. The Romans also mentioned corns and calluses in their ancient writings.

How does Chiropody work?

A chiropodist is trained in viewing and analysing foot disorders. They are also able to provide general footcare advice.

By helping foot disorders, the chiropodist can also assist in general health and wellbeing. When people have problems with their feet, they compensate (either consciously or subconsciously) by avoiding walking on the part that hurts. This compensation can cause issues in other part of their body, such as back problems. By causing the foot problem, often other issues may resolve or be eased.

During the course of treatment, a chiropodist may cut toenails, ease or remove in-grown toenails, treat plantar warts (verrucae), athlete's foot, sweaty feet, callouses and corns, deal with foot odour and help dry or cracked heels.

Strapping or padding may also be used if necessary.

What does Chiropody treatment involve?

A session normally lasts about an hour. A follow up appointment is usually a week after the first session. The number of sessions vary according to the individual.

After taking medical notes and the reason for the visit, the chiropodist will wash and examine the client's feet. After looking at the feet in detail, the chiropodist will advise and carry out treatment.

What can Chiropody help?

Foot infections, ingrown toenails, walking problems due to postural issues, verrucae, athlete's foot, sweaty feet, calllouses, corns, dry heels.


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