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Buteyko - Natural Healing

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What is Buteyko?

Buteyko is a technique to help breathing problems.

The technique was developed from the work of Dr Konstantin Buteyko, a Russian doctor.

How does Buteyko work?

The Buteyko breathing technique teaches people with breathing problems, simple exercises using voluntary breath control. The intention of the technique is to reduce the frequency and severity of their symptoms.

The technique also involving looking at the diet of the client, emotional factors surrounding them plus any physical exercise they participate in.

The British Guidelines for the Management of Asthma endorsed the Buteyko technique for the control of asthma symptoms in May 2008. This means that GPs and asthma nurses can now recommend the system.

The aim of the technique is to improve the quality of life of the sufferers of breathing problems. By seeing a Buteyko practitioner, the specific needs of the individual can be assessed and the programme can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the client.

Clinical evidence suggests that people with breathing problems tend to "over-breathe", which means they are using vital energy unnecessarily and causing themselves anxiety and stress. The Buteyko technique aims to restore the body's natural balance of breathing by getting rid of the old habit of "over-breathing" and teaching them to breathe less. Th Buteyko is a system of breathing techniques based on clinical evidence that people with breathing problems tend to 'over-breathe'. The technique aims to restore the natural balance of breathing by teaching people how to breathe less.

This is achieved by:

Learning to take charge and control the respiratory muscles better,

Increase the tolerance, gradually, to the feeling of breathlessness,

Better understanding of external factors that can affect breathing,

Learning how to relax the specific muscles involved in the breathing cycle.

The techniques are not physically demanding and most are carried out whilst sitting comfortably in a chair.

The techniques can also be practised between sessions, during normal daily activities to encourage the client's subconscious to embrace these new methods.

What does Buteyko treatment involve?

A session normally lasts an one hour. Most people will need 4 to 6 lessons weekly to master the technique.

After taking medical details, the therapist will assess breathing and general health. They will take the client through the Buteyko technique, learning the techniques appropriate to managing the client's specific condition. Diet advice may also be given.

Exercises will be given to practise between sessions, which is vital to see good progress during the course of treatment.

What can Buteyko help?

Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, rhinitis, sinusitis, snoring and panic attacks.


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