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Biochemic Tissue Salts

What are Biochemic Tissue Salts?

Biochemic Tissues Salts are homeopathic remedies.

The use of Biochemic Tissue Salts was devised by Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schussler, a German doctor, biochemist and homeopath, in the 19th century.

How do Biochemic Tissue Salts work?

Dr Schussler identified that there are twelve minerals that are vital to human health, each with a specific purpose. Disease, illness and pain are symtoms that the indicate that the body is lacking in an essential mineral. There are twelve Biochemic Tissue Salts, each containing a homeopathic amount of one of the twelve vital minerals. A homeopathic amount means an extremely diluted amount of the mineral.

The twelve Biochemic Tissue Salts (with their main functions and some uses) are:

Calc Fluor (calcium fluoride) - elastic tissue builder - dental, circulatory problems, varicose veins and haemorrhoids.

Calc Phos (calcium phosphate - tissue cell builder - indigestion, chilblains, catarrh and colds.

Calc Sulph (calcium suphate) - blood purifier - skin ailments, kidney problems, slow healing, headaches and neuralgia.

Ferr Phos (iron phosphate) - oxygen carrier - rheumatic complaints, haemorrhages, feverish conditions and respiratory problems.

Kali Mur (potassium chloride) - blood conditioner - thick white discharges, catarrh, congestion and ear infections.

Kali Phos (potassium phosphate) - nerve nutrient - nervous tension, depression, headaches, incontinence and shyness.

Kali Sulph (potassium sulphate) - oxygen exchanger - menstrual problems, skin ailments, palpitations, halitosis and catarrh.

Mag Phos (magnesium phosphate) - nerve stabiliser - cramp, flatulence, neuralgia, menstrual pain and hiccups.

Nat Mur (sodium chloride) - water distributor - depression, cold sores, mouth ulcers and excessive moisture or dryness in any part of the body.

Nat Phos (sodium phosphate) - acid neutraliser - nausea, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, stomach upsets and acidity.

Nat Sulph (sodium sulphate) - excess water eliminator - liver upsets, hay fever, water retention and digestive problems.

Silica (silicon dioxide) - cleanser and eradicator - lack of vitality, neurological complaints, nail problems, boils and styes.

There are also eighteen combination remedies, which combine several salts into each tablet, specifically designed to help with certain conditions.

The salts are taken in the form of small tablets which are best dissolved under the tongue.

Homeopaths, herbalists and naturopaths will often suggest the use of tissue salts as part of treatment.

What does Biochemic Tissue Salts treatment involve?

A session usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. The number of sessions will depend on the individual.

After taking medical details, the therapist will select the appropriate tissue salt or salts for the condition.

What can Biochemic Tissue Salts help?

Minor skin conditions, colds, coughs, hay fever, catarrh, ear problems, headaches, indigestion, gynaecological complaints and minor skin conditions.


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