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Aura Soma

What is Aura Soma?

Aura Soma is a colour therapy.

Aura Soma was developed by Vicky Wall, a chiropodist, herbalist and pharmacist, from England in 1984, who described Aura Soma as "non-intrusive, self-selective, soul therapy".

How does Aura Soma work?

Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura Soma, at the age of 66, developed psychic powers after losing her sight. One night she was compelled to go to her laboratory and formulate a mixture of different layers and colours comprised of natural ingredients. These bottles became what is known as the Equilibrium bottles, of which 104 are used in Aura Soma therapy, Wall formulated 70 of them and Mike Booth developed the rest (he was Wall's chosen successor to carry on her work).

Each Equilibrium bottle contains an upper and a lower portion, comprising of an essential oil layer resting upon a spring water layer containing herbal extracts. These combined energies balance the whole of our spiritual self.

During the discovery of Aura Soma, Vicky Wall had the impression that the formulas were being transmitted to her from another dimension with the help of her father, who had been a master of Kabbala and had taught her about the healing properties of various plants. Vicky Wall was also given the name of the therapy through meditation and prayer. "Aura" refers to the electromagnetic field surrounding each person and "soma" means body in Greek.

Vicky Wall called the bottles her "jewels" and believed that there are literally "spirits in the bottles". She believed that by applying the contents of the bottles to the body, the energetic vibrations of the body can be harmonised and brought back into balance.

Over the years, Vicky was able to compile a formal knowledge surrounding the bottles, due to the thousands of clients that she treated, by gaining insight to questions surrounding the therapy, for example, why did they choose particular bottles? What affect did the bottle have on them after using it?

What does Aura Soma treatment involve?

A session lasts from 30 to 90 minutes, this includes a reading, consultation and treatment. There is no set pattern or number of sessions required, it is up to the individual's choice.

After taking medical details, the therapist will ask the client to choose four bottles from a selection of the Aura Soma bottles. These should be chosen on intuition, to indicate the colours that the client is most naturally drawn to.

The first bottle chosen is the client's Soul bottle, indicating their purpose in life and the reason they have been incarnated.

The second bottle chosen is the client's Challenge bottle, helping to identify the gifts and talents that they have been given plus the difficulties that they will face in realising them.

The third bottle chosen is the client's Here and Now bottle, revealing their present state of mind and showing them how they've dealt with the challenges that they have been presented with so far.

The fourth bottle chosen is the client's Future bottle, which helps them to achieve the materialisation of their long held wishes and dreams.

Once the bottles' meanings have been interpreted, both on the physical and spiritual planes, one or all of the oil blends are massaged into the client's skin. The sequence of the application of the oils is also significant and the therapist will decide on the order to facilitate the efficiency of the treatment.

After the consultation, the therapist will give the client bottles for use at home, as well as frequency and order of use. Sometimes other products, pomanders and quintessences, may also be suggested to be used to assist with the therapy. Pomanders are used to clear the aura and provide protection, quintessences allow a new quality into the client's life.

What can Aura Soma help?

Life changes, low self esteem, confidence issues and personal development.


"You really should treat yourself to one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and fragrant therapies that will automatically re-balance your inner energies."

It's worth it
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