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Anthroposophical Medicine

What is Anthroposophical Medicine?

Anthroposophical Medicine is a holistic therapy and lifestyle.

The philosophy of Anthroposophical Medicine was founded in the early 1900's by Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian.

How does Anthroposophical Medicine work?

Rudolf Steiner's aim was to complement and develop medicine as it existed, not to set up an alternative medical system. With colleague, Dr Ita Wegman, he expanded his ideas to include a medical science, as well as his own principle of polarity.

Anthroposophical medicine regards an ailment as an imbalance amongst the functioning systems of the human body. The theory is to normalise the imbalance. Treatment may include homeopathic remedies, massage therapy, art therapy, eurythmy (movement exercise to balance the forces within the body). All the treatment methods have the common intention of boosting the self-healing ability of the client and deepened self-knowledge.

Anthroposophical physicians are fully qualified doctors.

The Anthroposophical physicians believes in the concept of the "four fold existence", which classifies a human body into 4 levels.

The first level - the physical body that displays the external manifestations of a disease or the symptoms.
The second level - the etheric body, a similar concept to prana in Ayuerveda or Chi in Chinese medicine.
The third level - the soul.
The fourth level - the spirit.

A balanced and harmonius exisitance of these four levels ensure health and well being.

What does Anthroposophical Medicine treatment involve?

The length and number of sessions depends on the client, the practitioner and the conditions that need addressing.

The Anthroposophical doctor will take notes on medical history, diet, lifestyle and general issues. Emphasis is placed on the bodily rhythms, including eating and sleeping (plus menstrual and gynaecological issues for women). Standard medical tests may also be carried out with the resultant information aiding diagnosis, appropriate treatments to balance and regulate the body.

What can Anthroposophical Medicine help?

Addictions, respiratory conditions, pain, digestive problems, children's illnesses, gynaecological issues, psychological problems, skin problems, immune system and allergies.


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