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Allergy Testing - Natural Healing

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Allergy Testing

What is Allergy Testing?

Allergy testing is a safe way of finding out what substances a person may be allergic to without having to be in contact with the suspected substance and causing an allergic reaction.

How does Allergy Testing work?

Allergy testing by machine uses the acupuncture points on the fingers or toes to measure the resistance in the body to certain suspect substances (ie the substances that the client suspects they may be allergic to).

The proceedure is painless. Needles are not used on the acupuncture points.

The usual basic intolerance and allergy test gives results on over 50 environmental substances, 150 foods plus mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

What does Allergy Testing treatment involve?

A allergy testing session will normally take about 30 to 60 minutes. The number of appointments depend on the invidual situation.

After taking medical notes and discussing the reason for the appointment.

The allergy testing procedure begins with the client given an electrode, connected to the machine, to hold in one hand. A probe is then placed on an acupuncture point on either a finger or a toe on the opposite side of the body. This places the client in a circuit with the machine. Samples of the suspected allergens are placed in the diagnostic unit, one at a time, which will indicate whether there is any resistance to the substance being tested, from the client.

During the testing, the client's results are recorded by the therapist.

The results will immediately indicate which the offending substances are. Advice is then given on how to eliminate the substances from the client's lifestyle or diet. Sometimes appropriate supplements will be recommended.

A follow up appointment for a retest about 4 to 12 weeks after the initial appointment. The length of time will depend on the results and the complexity of the allergy. If a substance has been totally eliminated for 3 months, it can sometimes be introduced very gradually in small amounts and the reactions carefully monitored.

What can Allergy Testing help?

Skin complaints including eczema and other rashes, itchy eyes, digestive disorders, lack of energy, asthma, respiratory complaints, sleep disorders, headaches, migraines and general weakness.


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