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Meditation Essentials

An open mind for meditation

Have an open mind when trying to meditate. Sometimes certain meditation practises may seem challenging at first, but perserve and try again. After a few attempts at a particular type of meditation exercise really isn't right for you, just choose another type.

The greatest hurdle to achieving the best from meditation, is to try and still your mind. In our hectic lives we often find it hard to relax and switch off our thoughts. However, learning how to relax and turn off our minds is vital to achieving the best out of the meditation. Whenever unwanted thoughts enter your mind during the meditation process, acknowledge the thought's presence, without dwelling on it, and let the unwanted thought go. It sometimes helps to picture these distracting thoughts as clouds, imagine them wafting away from your clear sky each time they appear.

A quiet space

It is possible to meditate virtually anywhere, however to achieve the most from your meditation, the more relaxed and at ease you feel, the more you will get out of the meditation. This can best be achieved in somewhere you feel safe and secure, for example at home or in a meditation group. Turn off your phones, reduce the outside noise levels and begin to relax.


Some meditation practises involve sitting on the floor, so restrictive clothing can be distracting. Formal or tight clothing is best avoided, something comfortable and loose fitting is more suitable. Remove belts, tight jewellery and watches.

A comfortable cushion, mat or soft rug can be used for sitting poises. Some meditation practises involve yoga poises, if this is the type of meditation you prefer, a good quality yoga mat is a sensible investment.

For relaxation poises or for practising meditating in a chilly environment, a soft blanket or shawl is helpful.

Music and meditation

Music can be a very useful aid to help you achieve a relaxed state. By occupying your mind with relaxing, alpha state inducing sounds, distrations (in the form of outside noise or unwanted thoughts) are minimised and the meditation process helped.

Bells, tingshas (small symbols) and singing bowls for meditation

A bell, tinghas or singing bowl can be used at the beginning or end of a meditation to help focus.

Prayer beads for meditation

Prayer beads are useful for some types of meditation. They are used to count the number of times a prayer or mantra is recited. Buddhist prayer beads are the most popular form used but a favourite crystal bead bracelet could also be used.

A timer

A timer, clock or watch can be used to assist you in being aware of the length of the meditation. Can also be helpful to avoid the distraction of the worry of being late for the task you need to perform after the meditation. Try to select which ever timepiece you choose to use with either a silent tick or one with a sound that you find soothing, otherwise it will become too much of a distraction for the meditation.

Candles for meditation

Some meditation practises use candle as part of the technique, or you could use a candle to create a relaxing space, perhaps one with a soothing or pleasant fragrance.

Incense for meditation

Incense has been used for centuries in meditation. The sense of smell is a very powerful, yet underrated sense. By choosing the right incense for you, the meditative progress can be helped considerably.


Regular practise (daily if possible), little and often (if time is limited) is a better way of achieving the best out of your meditation sessions, than infrequent practise, for example only once a month.

The above ideas are things to do when you can to achieve the most from your meditation practise, however, it is possible to achieve a meditative state (albeit a lighter one) in environments that don't offer the ideal meditation necessities. Benefit can still be achieved from taking a moment to mentally switch off from our daily busy-ness of life in the most unlikely of places, for example on a bus or a train, or perhaps waiting at the doctors or dentists.

Which form of Meditation is best

Each individual will find their own favourite, depending on personal preference. Explore our extensive list of Meditation Techniques to find the best one for you.


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