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Welcome to the Mind Body Spirit Group Meditation Community.

Meditation and Relaxation Music in mp3 format.

Music for Meditation and Relaxation

The original form of Meditation was taught by the Buddha 2,500 years ago.

Many different forms of Meditation have evolved from this and practically all benefit from the right soothing, relaxing sounds or music in the background.

In fact, once you have established your own personal routine for meditation, it can get easier and easier to connect to your Alpha waves.

Initially, try experimenting a little. Decide on your location, perhaps your bedroom or a quiet room which feels right to you.

Dress in loose and comfortable clothes which won't restrict you or distract you in any way.

If you like candles (perhaps scented), place some in a safe position so your mind won't wander, perhaps thinking about their safety.

Choose a background sound or piece of music that you personally find soothing or 'right for you'.

If the sound or music is a short piece, arrange to play it on 'loop' so that you can be unconcerned about how long it will last or if it will abruptly end.

Now, you're ready to begin.

Sample the various mp3 pieces here and download any that appeal to you but bear in mind if you don't have broadband, some of the mp3s are large files.

As a bonus, if you have newborn or young ones, you'll find some of these mp3s can be a great sleep inducer.

Free Meditation Music
mp3 format

whale-song-4.27 mins

whale-song-4.27 (4.2mb)

whale-song-1.20 mins

whale-song-1.30 (1.2mb)

whale-song-1.14 mins

whale-song-1.14 (1.0mb)

japanese-garden 5.08 mins

japanese-garden (1.8mb)

tibetan-garden 3.33 mins

tibetan-garden (3.3mb)

tibetan-temple 3.20 mins

tibetan-temple (3.1mb)

zen-garden 3.33 mins

zen-garden (2.6mb)

zen-water 5.13 mins

zen-water (4.9mb)

slow-rain 3.19 mins

slow-rain (3.1mb)

snowstorm 3.32 mins

snowstorm (3.3mb)

mantra 3.05 mins

mantra (2.9mb)

mantra-chord 4.36 mins

mantra-chord (4.3mb)

mantra-vibe 4.24 mins

mantra-vibe (4.1mb)

white-fall 7.28 mins

white-fall (7.0mb)

white-rain 5.55 mins

white-rain (5.6mb)

white-ring 5.07 mins

white-ring (4.8mb)

whitewater 3.54 mins

whitewater (3.7mb)

vibration 4.08 mins

vibration (3.9mb)

strings 4.01 mins

strings (3.8mb)

footfall 3.01 mins

footfall (2.8mb)

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