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Welcome to the Mind Body Spirit Group Meditation Community.

What is Breath Meditation?

Breath meditation is a type of meditation which focuses the attention on breathing.

How to Breath Meditate

The techniques of breath meditation

There are seven techniques of breath meditation:

1 - Mindfulness

Become aware of the breath, allowing it to flow at its natural, restful pace. While breathing, focus on the flow of the air as it makes its way into the body, the sound the breath makes, the quality of the air (the temperature - is it cool and refreshing? does it have a scent?), the movement of the abdomen as it moves out and in, the feeling in the body as the breath moves in and out, the rhythm of the inhalations and the exhalations, the feelings in the body as the breath journeys through the body, the pause of silence (the moment of quiet after each exhalation), our oneness with the process of breathing (we are at one with the breath instead of just observing it).

2 - Using a mantra

Use a particular mantra (word or sound that is special to you) or a phrase while inhalating. During exhalation the mantra or phrase can be repeated or the meaning of the of the words can be thought about.

3 - Counting

Counting the breath is a very useful way of focusing on the meditation. It can be carried out in a number of ways:

Allow the breath to proceed at its natural pace, while counting to 4 during the inhalation, counting to 5 during the exhalation, counting to 3 during the pause. During the counting the breath is not controlled, just observed and allowed to be.

Count the inhalations or only the exhalations; this focuses the mind on the meditation.

Use a counting cycle. Count "one" for the inhalation, "two" for the exhalation, and repeat for the length of the meditation.

4 - Visualise the breath

During inhalation, visualise the breath as energy or light coming into the body and visualise something "negative" leaving the body, example anger, exhaustion.

Visualise the whole of the body taking part in the respiration process as every cell in the body exhanges the carbon dioxide for energy giving oxygen.

Visualise the breath as energy coming into the lungs, filling the body with life energy.

Visualise the breath as energy coming into a particular part of the body that is painful or has tension (for example shoulders).

Visualise the breath as energy coming from not the air but another source, for example, the sun, to fill us with positive, warm energy.

5 - Naming the process

Use descriptive words in your head for the breathing process, for example "inhale" while inhalation is occuring, "exhale" while exhalation is happening, or you could use the words "rising" and "falling" or "out" and "in", or you simply think the words "inhalation", "exhalation".

6 - Include visual energy

Your eyes can be open slightly, in a relaxed, un-tense way, to visualise the light energy entering the body as well as the breath energy. During inhalation, the light energy can be felt entering the body and during the exhalation, the energy can be felt circulating through the whole body.

7 - Desired quality meditation

An object, physical or visualised which symbolises the quality we wish to develop. By inhaling, we visualise the quality coming in to us, during exhalation we send back the same quality to the object. As the meditation progresses, the quality which you are wishing to develop, may take on an independance: a life of its own, and the pure nature of the quality will be absorbed.


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