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SHEN - Energy Healing

Welcome to the Mind Body Spirit Group Energy Healing Community.


What is SHEN

SHEN is a hands on healing therapy.

How does SHEN work?

Over time, painful emotions such as grief, fear and inferiority, cause an involuntary contraction of the tissues of the body. This effect is called the "splinting reflex". The brain is unable to relax reflexes, so these painful emotions become trapped at the a deep tissue level.

The SHEN practitioner opens up the client's body by passing natural electro-magnetic energy called "qi energy" through their hands.

The energy then passes through the client's body's emotional centres and loosens the muscular contractions that the client has built up over time, in order to facilitate the release of buried emotions in a gentle and safe way.

When the feelings surface they are energetically cleared, leaving the client's body free from the cycle of repetitive emotional pain.

What does SHEN treatment involve?

A session normally lasts about an hour. The number of sessions required will depend on the individual.

After taking medical notes, the SHEN therapist will begin the healing therapy.

What can SHEN help?

Panic attacks, IBS, menstrual disorders, eating disorders, migraines, bereavement, chronic pain, sleep disorders and trauma.


"This treatment
can help reduce stress, pain and depression."

Face the future with new energy.

It's worth it
and so are you.


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