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Radionics - Energy Healing

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What is Radionics

Radionics is a healing and diagnostic therapy used over distance.

Radionics was developed in San Francisco by Dr Albert Abrams (1863 - 1924). Notable practitioners who have advanced the use and techniques of Radionics include Dr Ruth Drown, from America, and George de la Warr, Malcolm Rae and David Tansley, in the UK.

How does Radionics work?

The theory behind Radionics is that every person's energy patterns, signatures, vibrations, rhythms and frequencies are unique to them, much the same way that a fingerprint is. Consequently, every part of the person's body, right down to the cell level, also reflects the unique vibrations. When injury or illness happens, the energy is altered.

The altered energy pattern can be read from any part of the body (often a sample of hair is used) and treated by sending messages, with an instrument to amplify and support the vibrations, to the body to facilitate healing through the restored flow of energy.

What does Radionics treatment involve?

After contacting a Radionics therapist and sending a sample (usually hair), the therapist and client will agree a session time.

At the agreed time, it is advisable that for the first 15 minutes or so, the client remains seated quietly to enable the distance healing to begin working.

The number of sessions and the frequency depends on the individual.

What can Radionics help?

Pain, minor illnesses, boost immune system and general energy levels.


"This treatment
can help reduce stress, pain and depression."

Face the future with new energy.

It's worth it
and so are you.


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