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PIP Scans and Electro-Crystal Therapy - Energy Healing

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PIP Scans and Electro-Crystal Therapy

What are PIP Scans and Electro-Crystal Therapy

A PIP Scan (poly-contrast interference photography scan) is a digital photograph which shows the energy field (aura) around the body. Its main function is as a diagnostic tool to assist other therapies, most commonly used is Electro-Crystal Therapy.

Electro-Crystal Therapy is the use of electromagnetically charged crystals to heal.

Harry Oldfield, a biologist, developed Electro-Crystal Therapy in 1983 and PIP scans in 1989.

How does PIP Scans and Electro-Crystal Therapy work?

A PIP scan is taken using a digital video camera, a computer and a special program. The computer program picks up on subtle changes in the energy fields which are then interpreted on the scan in varying sizes or colours. These variations indicate healthy areas of the body as well as areas that need attention in the form of energy blockages.

By using the results of the PIP scan, the therapist will select the most appropriate crystals which are then charged with stimulating, calming or balancing frequencies depending on the problem being treated. The pulses range from 1 cycle per second (1 Hertz), a calming frequency, to 45,000 pulses per second (45,000Hertz), a stimulating frequency.

The charged crystals are then placed on the appropriate place on the body in order to facilitate the body's own natural healing process.

What does PIP Scans and Electro-Crystal Therapy treatment involve?

A session usually last about an hour. The number of sessions varies depending on the individual. Acute (temporary) conditions may only need a short course of treatment but long term conditions may need regular appointments.

After taking medical notes, the therapist will take the PIP scan, analysis the issues it shows and select the appropriate crystals. The client will sit in a chair and have the crystals placed on their body in the appropriate places for the treatment.

What can PIP Scans and Electro-Crystal Therapy help?

Eczema, eye and visual conditions, arthritis, stress, tension, migraine, osteoporosis, tinnitus, asthma, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, back and neck pain, ME, digestive problems, thyroid conditions and energy levels.


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