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Matrix Energetics

What is Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics is a hands on transformative healing system that can create transformation on all levels of the person: mind, body and spirit.

Matrix Energetics was founded by Dr Richard Bartlett.

How does Matrix Energetics work?

Modern physicists descibe all reality as vibrations and waveform patterns, and that everything is information and light.

The biological information fields form a constantly resonating, active matrix which provides the system of intercommunication throughout the whole body.

Disruption, distortion or cessation in the matrix causes disease.

Matrix Energetics works by modifying a person's matrix, re-establishing the flow of biological information in order for the body to better respond to its external and internal stimuli.

There are 21 frequencies in the body, the therapist will use a what is called the 2 point technique, which means they will touch the clients body in two specific places at once in order to align the specific frequency and help the life energy to flow smoothly.

What does Matrix Energetics treatment involve?

A session normally takes about an hour.

After taking medical details, the therapist will begin the Matrix Energetic work.

What can Matrix Energetics help?

Stress and anxiety problems, bereavement, improved concentration, creativity and alertness, pain relief, assists in healing, increased energy, clearer awareness of life purpose and direction, and increased energy levels.


"This treatment
can help reduce stress, pain and depression."

Face the future with new energy.

It's worth it
and so are you.


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