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Magnotherapy - Energy Healing

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What is Magnotherapy

Magnotherapy uses a magnetic field to heal the body.

Magnotherapy has been used for hundreds to years to accelerate the body's natural healing process and to allieviate pain.

The modern advancement of magnet technology has lead to an increase in popularity in Magnotherapy.

In the 1990s Dr Vaclavek, a scientist, published a book "Magnotherapy - The pHacts: How and Why People and Animals are Benefitting from Magnotherapy".

How does Magnotherapy work?

Dr Vaclavek discovered that stress and inflammation in the body is due to an excess of lactic acid which causes an imbalance of the body's pH levels.

By using the correct type and strength of magnet on a specific location on the body, the levels of lactic acid can be reduced, which in turn reduces the stress and inflammation and allows the body to facilitate its own natural healing process.

What does Magnotherapy treatment involve?

A magnotherapy session is usually about 30 minutes long. The number of sessions will depend on the individual.

After taking medical notes, the client will sit or lie on a couch and the therapist will apply the specific magnets on certain locations of the body.

Nutritional and supplement advice, plus other alternative therapies that may assist the healing process may be discussed.

What can Magnotherapy help?

General aches and pains, sports injuries, arthritis, circulation problems, skin conditions and sleep disorders.


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