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What is Gestalt

Gestalt therapy is a talking therapy used to deepen the awareness of the whole and the feelings in a less intellectual manner than the more traditional forms of talking therapies.

Gestalt therapy was developed in the 1950s and became popular in the UK in the 1970s.

"Gestalt" (from the German) means the whole; it implies wholeness.

How does Gestalt work?

The idea of Gestalt therapy is that each of us have had to supress or repress various aspects of ourselves because they were not supported or accepted in the culture we exist in. These aspects or feelings end up in the background and are viewed by our subconcious as unresolved business.

The way Gestalt therapy works is to help focus awareness on these unresolved issues, by bringing the emotions (or absence of emotions) into the interaction with the moment. When the unresolved business has been acknowledged and recognised, the client is better equipped to understand themselves and is given the choice whether to make changes or not.

During Gestalt therapy the client is encouraged to express everything that is present for them, such as worries, concerns, emotions, situations, in fact anything that affects them. This is crucial as it forms the base for the work which will ultimately help the client achieve a greater automony and freedom in their life choices.

What does Gestalt treatment involve?

Each sessions lasts about an hour. The number of sessions required will depend on the individual.

At the first session, after taking medical details, the therapist will establish what the client is wishing to achieve from Gestalt therapy.

The therapist will then look at the scope of the issue and work out a programme of sessions to help the client achieve this. The number of sessions and costs will then be agreed.

What can Gestalt help?

Emotional issues, shyness, feelings of disconnection, anxiety, eating disorders, relationship problems and separation issues.


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