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Emotional Freedom Technique

What is Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique is a psychotherapy technique designed to desensitise.

Emotional Freedom Technique was invented by Gary Craig, an estate agent and NLP practitioner in 1993. The technique embraces acupuncture, kinesiology, and psychology, and evolved from Thought Field Therapy (TFT) devised by developed by an American psychologist, Roger Callahan in 1985.

How does Emotional Freedom Technique work?

The discovery statement of Emotion Freedom Technique states "The cause of all negative or unwanted emotion is a disruption to the body's electrical energy system".

Traditional psychology views emotions as: upsetting memory - negative emotion.

Emotional Freedom Technique views emotions as having a intermediate step: upsetting memory - disturbed energy circuit - negative emotion.

In order to remove the negative emotion associated with the upsetting memory, Emotional Freedom Technique purports that you do not need to treat the memory but instead re-align the actual energy circuit connected with that memory. This is carried out by using your fingers to tap on a number of the key acupuncture points.

For the technique to achieve the greatest success during treatment, it is essential to discover the exact current thoughts and the desired thoughts to us during the tapping.

What does Emotional Freedom Technique treatment involve?

An Emotional Freedom Technique session usually lasts about an hour.

After taking medical notes, the therapist will discuss the reason for the visit and the desired outcome.

The therapist will then take the client through the tapping sequence, using very specific agreed vocalised statements, affirmations and reminder phrases at the same time as the tapping.

The number of follow up appointments vary according to the individual.

What can Emotional Freedom Technique help?

Phobias, self-esteem, pain management, allergies, asthma, trauma, weight loss, addiction, anorexia and other eating disorders, abuse and blood pressure.


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