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Body Talk

What is Body Talk

Body Talk is a non-diagnostic therapy that works with the body's own healing process.

How does Body Talk work?

In the body, each atom, cell and system is connect through the specific lines of communication. In a healthy body these lines of communication are connected and working well. If a body is under stress, the lines become disconnected or compromised, leading to a decline in the health of the body both on a physical, mental and or emotion way.

Using Body Talk techniques, these line of communication can be reconnected which enables the body to activate its own healing systems to repair the body by activing healing and restore the mind, body and spirit balance.

What does Body Talk treatment involve?

Appointments usually last about 1 hour.

At the first appointment, medical details will be taken plus the issues you would like Body Talk to help you with.

Using a Body Talk chart, the therapist will use muscular feedback (biofeedback) from the client's body to establish which communication links within the body require to be balances.

The therapist will gently touch the areas that have been highlighted during the muscular feedback, then lightly tap across both hemispheres of the brain and the heart energy complex (the area which alerts the brain to the problem and the heart in order to store the changes), the client's body then uses this new information to begin its own healing process.

If appropriate, the therapist may suggest other therapists, such as accupressure or homeopathy, to compliment the healing process.

What can Body Talk help?

Allergies, depression, eating disorders, headaches, neck pain, dyslexia, circulatory problems, respiratory problems, chronic infections, hormonal problems, constipation and addictions.


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