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Autogenics - Energy Healing

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What is Autogenics

Autogenics is a relaxation technique.

In the 1880s Oskar Vogt, a brain physiologist, at the Berlin Neuro Biological Institute, observed that a self-hypnotic state that some of his patients were able to induce, helped their recuperation. With his colleague, Korbinian Brodmann, he devised a series of self-hypnosis techniques to relieve stress related conditions in their patients. This work inspired Johannes Schultx, a Berlin psychiatrist and neurologist, to study the therapeutic effects of the auto-hypnosis techniques, which in turn led to the autogenic training used today.

How does Autogenics work?

Autogenic training involves a series of specific attention focused exercises designed to initiate relaxation which enhances the body's own healing powers.

The techniques (although a therapy in their own right are similar to meditation and self-hypnosis) teach people to learn how to induce a relaxed state for themself, releasing muscle tension and anxieties without the assistance of a therapist.

What does Autogenics treatment involve?

Sessions last about 15 minutes. Regular practise is necessary to gain the most benefit from the technique.

To learn the technique, the client needs to get into a comfortable position. A series of visualizations is then taught, which assist in creating a feeling of heaviness and warmth in the body, which induces relaxation.

What can Autogenics help?

Increase energy levels, raise self-esteem, improve concentration, anxiety, sleep disorders, stress, depression, reduces blood pressure, asthma, pain and strengthens the immune system.


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