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Energy Healing

Welcome to the Mind Body Spirit Group Energy Healing Community.

We all have bioenergy in our bodies. The subtle or vital bioenergy that runs through our body is known by many names: Qi in the Chinese system and Prana in the Indian system. It is the energy that is absorbed through our environment, exercise we take, the food we eat and can also be inherited from our parents. It flows through our body in channels, known as meridians (Chinese) or nadis (Indian). Any disruption to the flow (rather like a silted up river) can cause lack of energy and consequently lead to an inbalance in the mind, body, spirit balance.

The therapies contained here will help to get the bioenergy in your body flowing smoothly again. Many of the techniques involve placing healing hands on specific points on the body in order to get the balance correct, sometimes in silence or by using special words or phrases to facilitate the energy flow.

We have a comprehensive collection of information about the best treatments that use Energy Healing. Enjoy exploring our community to find the perfect treatment for you.


"This treatment
can help reduce stress, pain and depression."

Face the future with new energy.

It's worth it
and so are you.


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