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Astrology - planets, constellations, astrology signs, pictograms and symbols

What is Astrology?

What is Astrology?
What is a Birthchart?

What is a Birthchart?
What is a Horoscope?

What is a Horoscope?
Is everything pre-determined?

Is life pre-determined?
Own your very own Astrology Reading

Own your very own Astrology Reading

In a Natal or Birth Chart and a related horoscope, there are a number of planets and star constellations that are taken into consideration when preparing an accurate, detailed, personal chart or horoscope.

These include:

the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

The position of the Sun at the time of birth has a major effect on a person's personality.

The Sun spends approximately a twelfth of the year in each of the star constellations in turn.

The constellations concerned are:

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

What we call the star sign, sun sign or astrological sign actually relates to which star constellation the Sun was in at the time of birth and it gives a general, broad idea of a person's character and personality.

(For more detailed, indepth information, a natal or birth chart would need to be compiled.)

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General information about the 12 Astrological Signs


Astrology - Aries symbol

Astrological sign: The Ram

Birth date between: 20th March - 19th April

Aries are regarded in astrology as adventurous, active and outgoing but are also a uniquely naive sign. Although they are independent, outgoing and assertive they are also surprisingly trusting, often innocently walking into danger.

However, whatever upheaval, challenge or triumph they face, Aries have a wonderful ability to bounce back. They have a strong faith in life and the future, how ever hard the times they are going through. Fundamentally they are young at heart and feel that the world is a magical place for them. Many famous adventurers and sports people are born under this sign.

Of all the Star Signs, Aries is regarded as the most physical sign, due to Mars' rulership, and one of the most highly charged masculine energy signs in astrology.

In love, the Arian women will be seeking a grounded individual who will need to be strong to deal with her strength of character. The Arian man will be happiest with a women who is content to support him in all his pursuits without question.


Astrology - Taurus symbol

Astrological sign: The Bull

Birth date between: 20th April - 20th May

Taurean manage to achieve being classed as a socialisers at the same time staying separate from the crowd. They will be in control as to who gets close to them and who doesn't. If they are not open to any other ideas or opinions, nothing will get through.

They may be wrongly described as aloof, sulky, withdrawn, uncaring. In reality, they manage to disconnect from those around them in order to gather inner reserves to deal with the outside world.

They appreciate familiar surroundings and dislike change greatly, which means that they will try not to leave things to fate - they are a great planners.

In love, they are regarded as an extremely sensual beings. They can also be a great nature lovers and are devoted to their pets.


Astrology - Gemini symbol

Astrological sign: The Twins

Birth date between: 21st May - 20th June

The ruler, Mercury, was the ancient Greek mythological messenger of the gods who sped across the heavens delivering news. Variety is the spice of life for them, always active, questing more knowledge and experiences, curious and sometimes a little mischievous. They tend to wish to know a little about everything but nothing in too much depth. They can appear detached or mysterious to other people, which leads them to being misunderstood, talked about by other star signs and often put down.

A great talker, they are have the potential to be a talented writer or great at foreign languages. Careerwise they can also be good at financial matters - often in dealing in the money markets as they enjoy the thrill of the outwitting game involved. However, on a personal level they can also be quite irresponsible with money, as they are as quick to spend it as they are to make it.

In love, they will look for a partner who matches their mental and physical level, especially talking and listening a great deal.


Astrology - Cancer symbol

Astrological sign: The Crab

Birth date between: 21st June - 22nd July

They can appear hard, moody, jealous, eccentric and uncaring on the outside, but those who know them will understand that under this tough exterior lies a soft and sensitive person who can be insecure about how others see them.

They are fascinating, mysterious, stimulating and extremely alluring. They also have a shrewd mind and an excellent memory which often translates as superb business acumen.

They can appear very upbeat one minute and very down the next. Life never seems to stand still for them.

Home is very important to them. Any disruption to home causes an emotional upset that will affect every other part of their life. They are also great hoarders; what other people see as clutter, they see as absolutely essential to their feelings of security.

Love and romance are very important to them, but financial security also rates high. They are the most romantic of all the star signs. However, the downside of this is that they take rejection extremely badly.


Astrology - Leo symbol

Astrological sign: The Lion

Birth date between: 23rd July - 22nd August

They are charismatic and are positive thinkers. Consequently they attract many friends and opportunities, plus manage to survive life's difficulties with fortitude. They can be great teachers to others, protective of those around them but they can also be clingy and not wish to be alone. They are leaders, adventurers and trendsetters.

Their pride is their weakness, flattery will work wonders with them, however, criticism will not easily be forgiven.

It is also virtually impossible to get them to change your mind over anything. Often bombastic, the tendancy for them is to think in straight lines. Many of their are opinions formed in youth and will not change as they mature.

In love, they rule from the heart. Once committed in a relationship, they are totally faithful and devoted. However, if crossed in love, they can cut ties and walk away without a second glance. Once a relationship is over, it is over for good.


Astrology - Virgo symbol

Astrological sign: The Virgin

Birth date between: 23rd August - 22nd September

If they are able to believe in their own self confidence, they have the potential to be the most structured, successful and creative of all the Star Signs.

On the other hand, they can be pedantic, narrow-minded, preferring to categorize, analyse and organize rather than to show a breadth of vision.

Careers tend to involve helping others from hospital work, teaching, through to alternative medicine. They love organisation, neatness, order and making lists. They still maintain a faith in other people, no matter how bad life, and refuse to become cynical.

They love to help other people, which means that they are the best Star Sign to have around when you need a friend, due to their personal understanding of human frailties because they are so deep and reflective yourself.

In love, given the right environment they will blossom. Due to their great insight, intelligence and discrimination, they should be able to find the perfect partner. However, due to their unswerving faith and optimism, they can sometimes be a victim of relationship power-games, where they are mistreated.


Astrology - Libra symbol

Astrological sign: The Scales

Birth date between: 23rd September - 22nd October

They are often thought of as the most balanced of the signs, however their personality means that they tend to swing wildly between extremes or sit on the fence.

Outwardly charming and sociable, they love harmony and tend to adapt, adjust and compromise just to keep everyone happy.

However, this pleasant exterior belies a tough character underneath. They have an ability to switch off from the world around them and access deep and innermost levels of thought, far deeper than their closest companions imagine.

They have an agile mind which is capable of discerning judgement and abstract thought. They also enjoy the vacillations of debating but as they tend to see all sides of a picture, they can end up on the fence.

Any pressure to make a decision will end up making them stressed. This is because they want to get the decision right and to be fair to all parties concerned.

In love, they have a deep desire for partnership which can lead to intense emotions. Generally they do not suffer from jealously, but any threat to an emotional partnership can arouse insecurity and feelings of inadequacy. Their fantasy is to find the fairy tale relationship and those fortunate enough to achieve this will be among the happiest people around.


Astrology - Scorpio symbol

Astrological sign: The Scorpion

Birth date between: 23rd October - 21st November

Their sign is said to be the most powerful Star Sign of the Zodiac and they can appear to be wise beyond their years. They frequently know all the answers but have difficulty in finding what they need to develop their own happiness.

They are great at rising above adversity and transforming negative times into positive experiences. They can sometimes appear to be detached from life. They are extremely powerful, are an inspiration to others and have the potential to be a great leaders or successful entrepreneurs.

Their main area of concern is their attitude, which makes up their mind power and can either make or break them.

When they are negative about something or someone, or critical of themselves, they tend to get their own way.

In love, their sign is traditionally the most passionate and intensive of the Zodiac. Desire, passion and power feature large in their lives. Coming to terms with their extraordinary emotional depths and sensitivity isn't easy, especially for those around them. Many partners of Scorpios can live when them for years without really knowing them, with much of their inner being remaining secret. Their eyes can blaze with feelings they never express. When dealing with them, people need communicate on a psychic intuitive level. They often mask their true feelings, saying "no" when meaning "yes". Once true love is found, they are faithful and dedicated. If someone crosses them in love, they will never be allowed to forget it.


Astrology - Sagittarius symbol

Astrological sign: The Archer

Birth date between: 22nd November - 21st December

They possess a sense of adventure, a love of life and a natural exuberance, making them one of the most optimistic of all the Zodiac signs. They tend to aim towards their goal, be it a personal or career one, and work very hard, remaining focused in order to achieve it.

They are happiest on the move; they are a free spirited individual which leads to frustation for those around them. They love exploring new cultures and ideas. Careers tend to be related to outdoor work, travel, the media plus philosophical pursuits. They have an inbuilt need to develop their own unique philosophy of life. They can be a little tactless at times, though not with malice.

In love, they are one of the most big hearted, generous and fun loving signs of the Zodiac. If they set their heart on a particular person, they will do all they can to win their love with their usual optimisim and enthusiasm. If their partner understands their need to retain their own sense of self and identity, not to try and box this free spirited individual in, it can be a wonderful match.


Astrology - Capricorn symbol

Astrological sign: The Goat

Birth date between: 22nd December - 20th January

They are the Zodiac's top business achievers.

They are very patient, ambitious, a great organiser and very practical. They either climb higher and higher, not content until they are at the very peak of their career or they have little adventurous spirit, happy to remain within a small sphere, refusing to move unless pushed. Either way, they reach their goals, confident in the knowledge that, with every journey the first step is the hardest. As they are so driven, they will often try unusual approaches on their road to success.

They must strive to balance work with leisure, or they can become too work obsessed. They need to avoid being too controlling and not to judge people on the position they hold purely on the basis of how they can help them to achieve the goal they are seeking.

However, they can also be relied on as a loyal friend, providing strength and support.

In love, they wish to have a permanent relationship with someone who will give them the love they crave, but unfortunately often neglect to give back. They have a great, quirky sense of humour. They are cautious when starting a new romantic relationship, but once they feel as though they are on a firm footing, their tough, gruff exterior fades to reveal a very loyal and sensitive romantic.


Astrology - Aquarius symbol

Astrological sign: The Water Bearer

Birth date between: 21st January - 18th February

They are a mind oriented individual; cool and level headed, with a blend of intuition and intellect. The intuitive side of them can often take them beyond established, rigid thought. This mix takes them into the realm of bordering on genius. They have the potential to become an excellent inventors, eccentrics and original thinkers. They are also idealists andperfectionists which can lead to conflict in realities of life.

They are outgoing and amiable, attracting friends wherever they go and remaining very loyal to those who are fortunate to befriend them.

They love to have something to believe in and nurture and are strongly motived by social conscience.

In love, they are seen as a dispassionate or detached sign which is unfair: in reality they have chaotic emotions and conflicting emotional needs but they will choose their companion very carefully. They crave routine and stability but can feel stifled in a committed relationship.


Astrology - Pisces symbol

Astrological sign: The Fishes

Birth date between: 19th February - 19th March

They are the Zodiac's most sensitive Star Sign. They need to take particular care of themselves to avoid feeling down. They are mysterious and alluring individuals who are extremely talented. However, they often have an inner conflict and are torn between two pathways in life or manage to live two very difference existences at the same time, which confuses them and those around them. They can be the trendsetter of artist pursuits, the philosopher, the lost soul and the visionary and are very adaptable and resilient. They can become highly successful business people.

They tend to see the world around themselves in their eyes, a kind of fantasy world with all the colouring, all the details and embellishing the picture to suit their ideal, rather than seeing the reality of life for what it is. Consequently, they are frequently disappointed and become confused when reality bites.

In the purest form, they are psychic, visionary and a guiding light to those around them. If they become out of balance, they can become depressed, confused and obsessive.

In love, when things are going well, they are on cloud nine. If the romance turns sour, their world totally collapses and they need plenty of time and rest to recover, and will indulge in a relaxing holiday and plenty of shopping.

General information about the 12 Major Planet Pictograms

A pictogram is a symbol depicting an object, in this case a planet.
The components that make up the planet pictograms are as follows:

A circle represents spirit.
A crescent represents soul.
A square represents matter.
A cross represents incarnation into matter.

The Sun

Astrology - Sun symbol

The circle represents spirit with the dot in the middle adding dynamism. The point reminds us that this is the source of creation, the maintenance of creation and where creation will be reabsorbed at the end of time. The point, as in the centre of all mandalas, also adds substance to the circle, giving it support and structure to avoid collapse.

In alchemy, this pictogram represents gold.

The Moon

Astrology - Moon symbol

The crescent represents the waxing Moon, which is when it is building to a full Moon.

In alchemy, this pictogram represents silver.


Astrology - Mercury symbol

Mercury is the planet of communication and travel. The crescent on the top of the pictogram represents wings. The rest of the pictogram is the same as Venus as they share similar symbolic characteristics.

In alchemy, this pictogram represents mercury.


Astrology - Venus symbol

The circle represents the spirit over matter, represented by the cross. This symbolises Venus's characteristics: love, harmony and inspiration, rising above matter and ascending into spirit.

In alchemy, this pictogram represents copper.


Astrology - Mars symbol

Mars is the God of War. The pictogram is in the shape of a shield and spear, representing Mars' characteristics.

In alchemy, this pictogram represents iron.


Astrology - Jupiter symbol

Jupiter's pictogram consists of a crescent and a cross. It depicts how the soul relates to incarnation into matter. With the soul symbol on the top, the representation shows a happy, optimistic temperament and a positive outlook to life.

The pictogram also looks like the letter Z. Zeus is the Greek name for Jupiter.

The pictogram is also said to represent Jupiter's bolt of lightening.

In alchemy, this pictogram represents tin.


Astrology - Saturn symbol

Saturn's pictogram consists of a cross and a crescent. It depicts life on earth carrying the burden of soul. The representation shows pessimism, negativity, depression, caution and an exacting outlook on life.

The lower part of the pictogram depicts the grim reaper's sickle.

In alchemy, this pictogram represents lead.


Astrology - Uranus symbol

Uranus' pictogram consists of one circle, one cross and two uprights (sometimes curved like crescents). Uranus shares many similar qualities with Mercury but at a higher level. The Mercury pictogram has one less crescent.

Uranus was discovered by the astronomer Hershel. The pictogram is like the letter H.

The general shape of the pictogram is similar to an antenna, symbolising the planet's association with electricity, electronics and modern technology.

In Greek, Uranus means 'sky'. The planet has an affinity with space technology, aviation and flying.

In alchemy, this pictogram represents platinum.


Astrology - Neptune symbol

Neptune's pictogram consists of the shape of the trident of Neptune, God of the Ocean.

It also represents the Greek letter PSI, meaning soul (as found in psychic).

Neptune is the psychic planet with attributes of inspiration, mysticism and sensitivity.

In alchemy, this pictogram represents bismuth.


Astrology - Pluto symbol

Pluto's pictogram consists of a little circle floating above a crescent on top of a cross.

The pictogram shows the connection of matter, soul and spirit which symbolises death and resurrection plus the alchemical transformation of matter.

In alchemy, there is no elemental representation as the planet was only discovered in 1930.

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