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Tragerwork - Alternative Healing

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What is Tragerwork

Tragerwork (or the Trager Approach) is a form of movement and bodywork.

Tragerwork was developed by Dr Milton Trager, who started his career as a boxer and then became involved in bodywork therapy. He discovered that he could instinctively feel the client's tension in their body and work out ways to gently relieve these tensions. He trained as a physical therapist and a doctor. He also studied transcendental meditation which greatly enhanced his work. In 1980 he founded the Trager Institute in California.

How does Tragerwork work?

Tragerwork uses gentle rhythmic movements to aid the release of stress patterns, on the emotional, physical and mental levels, and aims to achieve integration between the mind, body, spirit balance.

What does Tragerwork treatment involve?

Most sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes.

The session is in two parts:

After assessing the client, the therapist teaches a series of physical and mental exercises called "mentastics". They involve swinging or shaking the hands or feet plus dance style movements designed to aid relaxation. The idea is that this pleasant memory of a positive feeling experience can then replace the stored emotional trauma. To assist the healing process, clients are required to practise the mentastic exercises at home.

After the mentastics have been used, the therapist will enter a state of meditation to allow a better insight into the tension stored in the client's body. Gentle movements are then used: stretching, pulling, cradling and rocking. The Tragerwork releases the unconscious patterns, that the client has developed, of holding tension and allows it to be released.

What can Tragerwork help?

Depression, hypertension, migraine, muscular dystrophy, asthma, multiple sclerosis, pain, sciatica, stroke, stress, spinal problems and neuromuscular problems.


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