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Sound Therapy - Alternative Healing

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Sound Therapy

What is Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy uses tuning forks to produce sounds that resonate and promote healing in the body.

How does Sound Therapy work?

Sound helps to regulate many of the body's biological processes. The tuning forks used are specially made to produce a "pure 5th" which is a musical interval (difference between two sounds) known as the perfect 5th in which the frequency of the higher sound is precisely 1.5 times the frequency of the lower sound. The sound waves pass invisibily and painlessly through the body's pathways, the meridians and the connective tissue, accessing and aligning all the systems in the body at the same time. At the cellular level it can aid to repattern or reorganise chemical responses. It is an excellent therapy for releasing blockages, restoring the mind, body, spirit balance and creating movement.

What does Sound Therapy treatment involve?

Appointments can vary from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the nature of the problem and the individual.

After taking medical details, the Sound Therapist will select the appropriate pair of tuning forks and apply the sound to each side of the head close to the ears. Each pair of tuning forks are then switched so that both sound are applied to each side of the body to maximise the healing effect.

The sequence of the tuning forks used is essential to achieve the correct wave of healing throughout the body.

The client's body will absorb only the frequencies from the sounds that it needs to heal itself. During the healing process tension is released as the sound waves dissipate any energy blockages.

Different conditions may be treated using the specific pair of tuning forks.

What can Sound Therapy help?

Improved physical vitality, skin conditions including eczema, headaches, migraines, sleep problems, muscle tension and pain relief.


"You really should treat yourself to one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and diagnostic therapies that will automatically re-balance your inner energies."

It's worth it
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