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Setsukido - Alternative Healing

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What is Setsukido

A Japanese massage treatment.

How does Setsukido work?

Setsukido works with the subtle energies within the body. The process rebalances and aligns them, bring a state of harmony and clarity, which refreshes the whole of the body.

During the massage, Ki (life energy) is channeled into the body, which penetrates deep within the body tissues to clear out negative energy stored there. This has the effect of cleansing and revitalising the client.

What does Setsukido treatment involve?

The initial appointment is usually about one and a half to two hours long. Follow up appointments will usually be one hour. A course of 5-10 sessions at weekly or fortnightly intervals is recommended to gain the full benefit from the treatment.

What can Setsukido help?

Emotional problems, lack of confidence, hormone imbalances, depression, stress, muscle pain, anxiety, digestive problems, joint pain, low self-esteem, phobias, asthma, relationship issues, headaches, allergies and sleep problems.


"You really should treat yourself to one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and diagnostic therapies that will automatically re-balance your inner energies."

It's worth it
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