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Seiki Soho - Alternative Healing

Welcome to the Mind Body Spirit Group Alternative Healing Community.

Seiki Soho

What is Seiki Soho

Seiki Soho is a form of hands-on bodywork. It was developed by Akinobu Kishi, a Japanese Shiatsu practitioner.

How does Seiki Soho work?

The translation of Seiki is "treatment of life energy". The body expresses what it needs but often we do not detect the signals. Our life energy gets distorted by everyday pressures which manifests itself into physical and emotional problems. With Seiki Soho, the focus is on the present, having basic trust in whatever is occuring at a given moment allows the body to let go of the physical and emotional problems.

In Seiki Soho, the belief is that life energy is breath. The principle is that not only does the respiratory tract breathe but the whole body (every cell and tissue) takes part in "breathing".

The Seiki Soho therapist acts as a "mirror". This enables the client to "feel" the reflection of their breath. By this process, internal connections are made, distortions cleared, stagnant energy released and the body is able to heal itself. The therapist facilitates the client's own healing journey to restore the mind, body, spirit balance.

What does Seiki Soho treatment involve?

A session normally lasts an hour.

After taking some client details, the treatment begins. It is carried out at floor level.

The number of follow up sessions depends on the individual.

What can Seiki Soho help?

Restores the body's natural balance, aids relaxation and stress relief, promotes a deep cleansing effect on the mind and body.


"You really should treat yourself to one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and diagnostic therapies that will automatically re-balance your inner energies."

It's worth it
and so are you.

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