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Neuro-linguistic Programming

What is Neuro-linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is a talking therapy tha utilises the practice of gaining understanding as to how people organise their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to produce the results they do. As a therapy it was established in the 1970s by John Grinder, an Associate Professor from the University of California, Santa Cruz, John Grinder, and Richard Bandler, an undergraduate.

How does Neuro-linguistic Programming work?

A person's unique internal mental map of the world is formed as they filter and perceive information from the world around them.

Neuro - each person has developed over time, their own mental filtering system for accessing the millions of pieces of information that are absorbed through their senses. This mental map is called the "First Access" in Neuro-linguistic Programming.

Linguistic - each individual then assisgns their specific, personal meaning to the information that they have received. This second mental map is called the "Linguistic Map".

Programming - this is the behavioural response that will automatically happen as a result of the above two stages.

The skill and techniques used by Neuro-linguistic Programming therapists enable the client to break learned behaviours or habits and create new ones.

What does Neuro-linguistic Programming treatment involve?

An appointment usually lasts an hour.

After an initial discussion, the Neuro-linguistic Programming therapist will discussion various life senarios with the client in order to gain an understanding of the current situation. By using Neuro-linguistic Programming techniques, the therapist will empower the client to break their unwanted learned behaviour or habits and teach them how to create new ones.

Practising of the learned techniques during the sessions is essential for good progress.

The number of sessions required depends on the individual situation.

What can Neuro-linguistic Programming help?

Relationship issues, low self-esteem, deal with negative past experiences, achieving goals (both personal and professional), time management and general wellbeing.


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