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Metamorphic Technique - Alternative Healing

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Metamorphic Technique

What is Metamorphic Technique

The Metamorphic Technique evolved from reflexology. It is a hands-on therapy which uses points on the feet, hands and head to correct imbalances in other areas of the body.

During the 1960s Robert St John, a well known naturopath, discovered he could bring about significant changes by using what he termed "Metamorphosis".

He realised that the reflex points found on the side of the foot (which relate to the spinal area) also map out our passage through the womb from conception to birth, the heel area representing the mother and the joint of the big toe representing the father. Blockages in these areas can correspond to relationship difficulties.

How does Metamorphic Technique work?

The technique uses specific bio-energy lines that connect the specific points to other parts of the body. By massaging certain specific points on the feet, various changes occur in other parts of the body. As the blockages are released, the mind, body, spirit balance is assisted.

What does Metamorphic Technique treatment involve?

A medical history is not needed. The client will sit in a chair or on a couch with socks and shoes removed. Light massage movements will be performed on the feet.

An appointment lasts about an hour. The number of follow up appointments depends on the individual.

What can Metamorphic Technique help?

Bereavement, affects of divorce, moving house, adolescence issues, preganancy and birth, learning difficulties, symptoms and feelings of menopause, post-operative recovery, post-traumatic stress, chronic fatigue syndrome and lack of confidence.


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