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Hot Stone Therapy - Alternative Healing

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Hot Stone Therapy

What is Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone therapy is massage that uses treated volcanic rocks, such as basalt and basinite, that are believed to promote relaxation as well as eliminating negative energy within the client's body, mind and soul.

How does Hot Stone Therapy work?

The stones of various sizes, shapes and weights (ranging from as small as a thumb to 3 pounds in weight) are heated with water and used to massage the client's body. Although the massage seems gentle, the therapist will be able to reach much deeper muscles than conventional massage.

The stones are also placed on the chakra points of the body along the spine. The chakra points are the body's energy centres which vitalize the physical body. When the points are stimulated, they balance energy flow throughout the body. Also the combination of warmth and cool treatment encourages the body to relax, detox and heal.

What does Hot Stone Therapy treatment involve?

After taking medical details, the therapist will massage the client's body using the stones and also place them on the chakra points (as detailed above).

What can Hot Stone Therapy help?

Relaxation and stress, muscle and back pain, arthritis, cirulatory problems, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, depression and improved blood circulation.


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