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Family Therapy - Alternative Healing

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Family Therapy

What is Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a talking therapy involving a family and a trained therapist.

How does Family Therapy work?

When a child in a family has problems, the therapy focuses not on the individual but the family as a whole.

Family Therapists help family members find constructive ways to help each other, working in ways that acknowledge the contexts of people's families and other relationships. Emphasis is on sharing and respecting individuals' different perspectives, beliefs, views and stories, plus exploring possible ways forward.

What does Family Therapy treatment involve?

The Family Therapist will talk to both individual family members and the family as a whole. The length of the sessions vary as do the number required, depending on the age of the individuals plus the complexity of the problems.

What can Family Therapy help?

Family relationships and changes in family life, parenting issues, supporting family members through separation, mediation and divorce, emotional disorders including anxiety, depression and grief following bereavement.


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