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Couple Therapy - Alternative Healing

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Couple Therapy

What is Couple Therapy

A talking therapy to help a couple resolve issues and conflict concerning their relationship.

How does Couple Therapy work?

By talking through both sides of a conflict, the therapist facilitates to help both partners to see the other point of view and resolve an issue.

What does Couple Therapy treatment involve?

Sessions normally last for a minimum of 30 minutes.

The therapist meets with both partners together to talk through the issues concerning the conflict in an impartial way, helping both partners to see the point of contention from both sides of the conflict. The therapist will listen and observe the couple, allowing both to have their say without interruption and will endeavour to keep the discussion on a constructive path towards resolution.

The number of appointments vary depending on the issues involved.

What can Couple Therapy help?

It can help with a wide variety of couple issues from minor to major problems, for example irritating habits to financial expenditure patterns.


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