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What is Counselling

A talking therapy involving the counsellor and the client.

How does Counselling work?

A counsellor listens to the client and aids the client to explore their problem areas.

What does Counselling treatment involve?

Sessions last up to an hour.

The client is encouraged to talk about various aspects of their life and feelings around difficulties, communicating in a free, open and unjudgemental way which many people find easier to achieve with a trained professional rather than talking to a friend or family member.

The role of the counsellor is to listen and facilitate the client's progress. Often the counsellor will repeat the client's last phrase to confirm out loud the words spoken. Leading questions about what to do is not given (for example, you should, could, would) but phrases, such as "have you thought about..." or "how did you feel when ..." to expand the area of concern in order to help the client look at different view points.

Advice given in the form of ideas or techniques based on the counsellor's specialist training may be given.

The number of treatments vary depending on the type of counselling needed and the extent of the problem.

What can Counselling help?

Alcohol abuse, eating disorders, sexual problems, stress relief and general concerns about life and coming to terms with situations. Helps people to release deep hidden emotions.


"You really should treat yourself to one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and diagnostic therapies that will automatically re-balance your inner energies."

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