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Colour Therapy - Alternative Healing

Welcome to the Mind Body Spirit Group Alternative Healing Community.

Colour Therapy

What is Colour Therapy

Using colours to assist physical and emotional well being.

How does Colour Therapy work?

It is a scientific fact that light or the absence of light, has an effect on the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands, which have affects on our physical and mental wellbeing. Colour therapist believe that colours have an effect on these glands and all other organs in the body and subsequently our mind, body, spirit balance as well.

What does Colour Therapy treatment involve?

The therapist will make notes on health history and current issues and then observe your aura (an array of colours that surround our body and can help analyse health issues). Treatment takes various forms: sunlight can be focuses on a specific area of the body, certain coloured foods can be recommended, drinking rainbow water (water in a special coloured container, exposed to sunlight), colour breathing (imaging breathing in specific colour), white light shone through coloured filters onto specific areas of the body, wearing certain colours which will enable the light filtering through them to be absorbed by the body.

What can Colour Therapy help?

Emotional shock, dependancy, bereavement, anxiety, depression, insomia, bronchitis and migraine.


"You really should treat yourself to one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and diagnostic therapies that will automatically re-balance your inner energies."

It's worth it
and so are you.

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