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Welcome to Mind Body Spirit Group - your journey of self discovery starts here

My name is Grace and I created www.mind-body-spirit-group.com to combine and share my greatest interests:

Astrology, Reiki, Meditation, Crafts and Community.

Astrology has fascinated me from an early age. The amazing patterns the stars form and the effects such wonderful, far away places have on us continues to fill me with wonder. An ancient discipline that is as relevant for today as it was for our ancestors.

Reiki came into my life in the 90s when it was still reasonably unheard of in Britain. This amazing healing therapy training and practise enabled me to progress and learn on my life path which lead me to becoming a Reiki Master.

Meditation is an excellent way to clear the mind of clutter, recharge ourselves and help us through our busy lives. Recent research has shown that it reduces stress levels (one of the contributary factors of illness), keeps the mind active and alert plus slows down the ageing process. I have trained in Guided Meditation as well as practising Buddhist Meditation.

Our Craft section will enable you to become inspired and creative. Learning new skills and achieving wonderful things.

The Community we live in is an important part of our lives. Friends, families, neighbours, we are all connected. Our community page will enable you to help support our local businesses.

Astrology, Reiki, Meditation, Crafts and Community - your journey of self discovery starts here.

Thank you for your visit.

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The scientific study of the universe is called Astronomy. Astronomers study the movement and positions of the planets and can predict where they will be in the skies based on their size and orbits.

Astrology is the study of the influence of life on Earth caused by the movements and positions of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars.

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Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique.

It is based on the principle that the therapist channels energy into the patient through their hands.

This energy then activates the natural healing processes of the patient's body to restore physical and emotional well-being.

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learn how to become attuned to this wonderful healing technique.

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Meditation is a wonderful way of achieving balance in the mind, body and spirit.

Used for thousands of years, great many people have benefitted from this very relaxing therapy.

Found out about benefits of meditation.

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